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Llano’s Burnett wins silver at the Class 3A state meet

Llano sophomore Gwyn Burnett is leaving the Class 3A state meet of the University Interscholastic League with a medal.

The Lady Jacket clocked 44.54 seconds in the 300-meter hurdles for the silver medal. Last year at the state meet, she finished fourth in 44.50 seconds.

“I’m super excited,” she said. “When I crossed the finish line, I wanted to start to cry. That was my goal was to go get on the podium.”

Goliad sophomore Kyla Hill took the gold in 43.73 seconds and New Waverly sophomore Brooke Munoz was third in 45.79 seconds.

Burnett said the wind whipped up as the runners got in their starting blocks.

“That first 100 meters, the wind was in my face like no other,” she said. “I started catching up to Hill. When we came across the curve, it was her and me all the way.”

Burnett said she was closing on Hill and realized it was a two-runner race.

“I was going ‘I got this,'” she said. “In the last 100, there was no one else. I was thinking ‘attack, attack.’ That was my goal this year was to medal, to get that done.”

She credited running coach Steve Golemon, who died in October, for telling her she had the skills, athleticism and stamina to run the 300-meter hurdles.

“It’s a hard race, everyone knows that,” she said. “I’ve been a competitor in everything my whole life. It’s a fun race, it’s a grind. I dedicated this to my coaches, Golemon and (Todd) Lange (who died May 4). I did this for them. And I wanted to make my town proud and my family proud.”

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