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Marble Falls football gets an early start with coaches reporting July 25

The Marble Falls Mustangs football coaches reported for their first official day Monday, July 25, in preparation for fall training camp that starts next week.

Head coach Brian Herman has several items on his to-do list beginning with the most obvious — ensuring everyone on staff knows each other. He also has given each one a coach’s handbook that includes each coach’s duty throughout the season as well as other data each staff member needs.

“It tells who’s in charge of shoelaces to who does laundry and what assignments they have,” he said. “It’s a pretty comprehensive book as to what coaches are expected to do.”

Among the biggest conversations is reviewing rosters for the varsity and junior varsity where coaches will talk about each player, positions of need, where each Mustang can best contribute to the program, and which team can help that player become the best he can be.

“They’ll be all those discussions as well,” Herman said.

Two new hires — Chris McWilliams and J.B. Sanchez — will go through their first seasons with the Mustangs. McWilliams comes from a coach’s family; his father and brother were head coaches and athletic directors. Sanchez was on the Alice Independent School District staff. Kevin Beer was promoted to the high school staff from Marble Falls Middle School.

By reporting a week early, Herman can review the certifications of his staff members and can see which ones need to updated, he said. Coaches will examine equipment for the players such as blocking dummies, nets and other on-field items, and for themselves, including cameras, headsets and other supplies that are all part of each contest.

Coordinators will conduct meetings with their coaches on their side of the ball where they will discuss what they want to accomplish on Aug. 1, including installation of plays or packages and will break down what needs to happen during each practice.

In addition to coaches reporting, they also are contacting players to ensure they know what time to show up on Aug. 1 for fall training camp. Herman noted the list is divided up between his staff members. It also gives each coach an opportunity to talk to the athletes, go over other tidbits such as paperwork and goals to ensure a smooth start to a month of preparation.

“There’s a great number of kids we’re going to visit with, specifically to talk about varsity expectations,” Herman said. “We’ll visit with some who we consider bubble kids, who could be varsity to junior varsity or vice versa. It’s always fluid, it’s always going to be up and down.”

Handing out equipment to players is a big part of the week leading up to Aug. 1 because if the equipment doesn’t fit right or something is needed, there’s time to get it obtained.

“It’s everything we need so that on day one, everything is in good repair and ready to go,” Herman said.

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