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Burnet football shows retention in its intrasquad scrimmage

The end of the first week of training camp comes with a reward for the Burnet High School football team and its fans – an intrasquad scrimmage Aug. 6.

Head coach Bryan Wood noted it was the first day of hitting for the Bulldogs.

“We were very limited on how much live,” he said. “We want depth, but you don’t want to beat up on each other.”

Wood was most interested in seeing the athletes movements in every play. Do they know their assignments? Are they moving naturally because they know the play that well? Are they stepping with the correct foot and have their hands in the right places?

What the coach saw pleased him, he said, because the Bulldogs demonstrated an understanding of the playbook and the retention he was seeking.

“We didn’t have a lot of brain (fog),” he said. “We were doing what we’re supposed to be and doing it right. I think our kids are really attentive. They pay attention. That’s what you want as a coach. Where I feel a whole lot better than a year ago today is we have a base knowledge of what we’re doing.”

Both the offense and defense are running even in terms of execution. Part of the reason is because the defense will have new faces lined up on the inside.

“We lost four or five of those guys,” Wood said. “It’s pretty close.”

The Bulldogs have several new coaches this season, and the players have welcomed them.

“The communication is really good,” he said. “We have great guys.”

The Bulldogs travel to Lago Vista, 5185 Lohman Road, for their first scrimmage Friday, Aug. 12.The subvarsities play at 5 p.m. and the varsity follows at 6:30 p.m.

Wood said one of his objectives is to see a clean scrimmage.

“Where you start the scrimmage to where you finish, you better get crisper,” he said. “We want to take an hour and a half to get better.”

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