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Marble Falls Faith set to welcome Bulverde Bracken for a scrimmage

Many activities are happening at Faith Academy of Marble Falls on Friday, Aug. 12.

The school is hosting its Back To School Blast that allows families to meet staff and faculty members and see class rooms. This year, the event ends with the Flames football team hosting a scrimmage at 7 p.m. at Britton Field, 3151 RR 1431 East in Marble Falls.

The Flames will welcome Bulverde Bracken and perhaps another opponent. Faith head coach Stephen Shipley said he is most curious to see the defense.

“We have to tackle, contain and breakdown,” he said. “When we get in the backfield, six-man teams want you to overpursue. We have to be disciplined in our pursuit. We have to be disciplined and contain the outside and push in. We know that overpursuing in six-man gets you in trouble.”

As for the Faith offense, Shipley, who calls the plays, said he feels “really good.”

Juniors Cross Sanchez and Kade Shaw are “two really quick and fast guys,” he said. “(Seniors) Elijah Blackington and Jordan Tarver are two big backs to run power. (Sophomore Carter) Fromberg can lead block and throw.”

Sanchez and Shaw are elusive, the coach says, which means they can get to top speed in a hurry. Sanchez also has fluid hips that allow him to change directions quickly without losing his top speed and has good awareness of the blockers and how to avoid defenders.

Naming a new starting center is on the coach’s list of positions he’s watching closely. Junior Ian Smiles and sophomore Karter Van Gundy are vying for the spot, and both are competing well, Shipley said.

Before practice ended Aug. 11, the coach gave his players instructions on their nutrition, rest and mindsets.

“It’s your first test of the season,” he said. “It’s your chance to show what you can do. We have our basesets in and formations. We’ll get those established and build off those.”

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