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Making friends is easy for Reveille X, Faith Academy graduate

CAPTION: Reveille X makes The Fire Pit, Faith Academy of Marble Falls’ gymnasium, her home away from Aggieland during the holiday. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

The most beautiful Aggie on campus, Reveille X, spent her holiday break in Burnet County with her corporate handler, Faith Academy of Marble Falls graduate Grayson Poage.

The two have been on campus supporting the Flames and Lady Flames, especially during the basketball games.

It was obvious a special guest was in attendance when small crowds gathered in a corner of The Fire Pit to get a closer look at Reveille, affectionately known as Texas A&M’s first lady, who is used to making friends quickly as illustrated by the number of people who wanted to pet her.

“She definitely enjoyed her Christmas break,” Poage said. “With 70,000 students, you have eyes on you. You can’t mess anything up.”

Poage was named her corporate handler in April. Since then the two have racked up the miles in representing the very best of Aggieland.

“We were going to five to eight events every week to different organizations and banquets and alumni events,” Poage said. “Almost every day of the semester, I did an event with her. It presents some cool opportunities. I met people I’d not meet otherwise. In public everyone sees her with her blanket on.”

And of course, the two were at every Texas A&M football game, including those at Mississippi State, Alabama, South Carolina, Auburn and at AT&T Stadium to face Arkansas.

“We did march with the corps cadets,” Poage said. “We flew to away games. With the amount of events, you have to learn to compartmentalize. Keeping track of everything has been a lot.”

Before this Rough Collie was chosen in spring 2021, the university assembled a search committee of former handlers who understood the demeanor and personality the next Reveille had to possess, Poage said, adding the members visited five different breeders.

“They went through hundreds of puppies,” he said. “She had to have a gentle nature and could handle big crowds. They recognized all the great qualities in her.”

He said the two haven’t met a stranger yet and have enjoyed representing the Aggies.

“She likes to play,” he said. “She likes to play with other dogs. She likes to have fun. She’s a great dog, worth every minute.”

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