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Burnet, Marble Falls powerlifters perform well at girls state meet

CAPTION: The Burnet Lady Dawgs’ Abby Smith (second from left) and Maddie Moise set new personal records when it matted most — at the Class 4A Division I state meet. Courtesy photo

The Burnet and Marble Falls high school girls powerlifters ended the 2023 season by committing to performing at a high level when it counted most — at the Class 4A Division I state meet March 17.

Burnet junior Abby Smith, who was at her third state meet, was seventh in her weight class with a 295-pound squat to set a new personal best, a 160-pound bench press, and a 290-pound dead lift to set a new personal best for a total of 745 pounds. Classmate Maddie Moise finished 11th with a 265-pound squat, a 180-pound bench press, and a 320-pound dead lift for a total of 765 pounds.

Head coach Tyler McIntosh noted Moise set new personal records in all three lifts and both athletes set new personal bests on total weight lifted.

“I was excited that both girls went in there and attacked it,” he said. “You make it to the big show, and both of our girls went in and got after it. They were ready.”

He pointed out they had created a strategy for each lift complete with the amount of weight. Smith’s goal was to lift a total of 755 pounds, and she was on track to do that until the dead lift. Moise’s goal was to lift 760, and she surpassed that.

“We found more weight on Maddie than we thought,” the coach said. “Both are awesome competitors.”

McIntosh said that when we he originally presented the total amount of weight for each, the Lady Dawgs expressed to him they believed they could lift more. And that spoke volumes about the two as self-confident athletes oozing with conviction.

“I was super excited for both because of how well they did,” he said. “I’m proud of Abby and Maddie for what they did this year. They beat my expectations every week. I hope it’s something they remember. They’re one of the 20 strongest girls in the state.”

Marble Falls’ Chloe Humphreys was seventh thanks to a 345-pound squat, a 145-pound bench press, and a 330-pound dead lift for a total of 820 pounds. Teammate Kenadi Dalton, a freshman, was 18th with a 240-pound squat, a 115-pound bench press, and a 245-pound dead lift for a total of 600 pounds.

“They went up there and gained valuable experience,” head coach Robert Draper said. “We were a little tentative because we’d never been there. The big thing we did was gain experience. The trip made them hungry for a medal.”

He noted Humphreys had a chance at a medal toward the end of the meet but missed out.

Both commended their lifters for stepping into the lifting platforms determined to do everything they could to earn a medal. Only the top five in each weight class were awarded medals. And their success is enticing their classmates to join next season.

“We’re young,” Draper said. “We’ll have a few juniors (in 2024). I have two seniors who are graduating who were good point-getters. We have a lot of young girls coming up. Because of our success, I heard a lot of girls are wanting to come out. Our girls have done a good job of being salesmen.”

“The girls are enjoying it,” McIntosh said. “Whoever comes out and participates, they tell their friends so their friends come out. I tell them, ‘If you lift in the first meet of the year, you’ll be hooked.’ If I get them to participate in one meet, they’re all about it. It’s been good for us and our girls.”

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The Marble Falls Lady Mustangs advance to the Class 4A Division I state powerlifting meet for the first time. Courtesy photo

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