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MFYFC finishes flag football season by crowning champs

CAPTION: Team Fields is the Freshman Division winner of the 2023 spring flag football season hosted by Marble Falls Youth Football and Cheer. Courtesy photo

Three flag football teams took home trophies thanks to winning the championships of the Marble Falls Youth Football and Cheer‘s spring league May 8.

Team Fields won the freshman (Kindergarten and first grade) championship, Team Tubig captured the Junior Varsity (second and third grade) title, and Team Wood won the Varsity (fourth and fifth grade) championship.

“It was a ton of fun,” said Team Wood head coach Nicholas Wood, who also serves as the association president. “We had 161 kids participate between football and cheer. We had great response. Parents were fantastic.”

Each division had four teams. The playing field was divided into two fields of 40×30 yards to allow for contests of 5 on 5.

Wood said the association leaders had a simple reason for wanting to offer a spring football season.

“We wanted to get the kids back into the football mindset,” he said. “We want to grow our numbers for the fall and sign-ups. We wanted them to have fun. Every rep they can get will make them better.”

He also credited Marble Falls City Councilman Bryan Walker for ensuring each game had a group of officials.

“He had between five to six officials working for two hours officiating flag football games for us,” Wood said.

CAPTION: Team Tubig is the Junior Varsity Division winner. Courtesy photo

The association is hosting its fitting day Saturday, June 17, and is bracing for the most athletes in its history.

“We had record turnout (for signing up),” Wood said. “We have more kids playing tackle football (this fall). We had 105, 106 kids.”

That’s for players in first through sixth grade.

“We felt like it’s more suited, more equal,” the president said.

More children participating means a greater need for volunteers, specifically men who have a heart for youngsters and are willing to teach them the sport as well what it means to apart of a family.

“We would like to have eight to 10 per team,” Wood said. “We have two teams at each level this year.”

The association leaders teach the playbook to volunteers, who then teach it to the players. The offense is the same scheme the Marble Falls Independent School District’s football program implements: the Slot-T. It is a run-based scheme that thrives on misdirection and confusion.

“You gotta learn it early,” Wood said.

Go to MFYFA.com and click on the word “Volunteer” for more.

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CAPTION; Team Wood is the Varsity Division winner. Courtesy photo

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