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Burnet football displays understanding of playbook during scrimmage against Lago Vista

The Burnet High School football team displayed a readiness for the 2023 season by the way the Bulldogs faced Lago Vista Aug. 11.

Burnet scored twice in the live quarter after neither team scored in the controlled portion of the scrimmage.

“We were on defense first, and we flew to the ball really well,” head coach Bryan Wood said. “I was impressed with our effort offensively. We started off slow. When we got to the live quarter, we scored a couple of times.”

Wood scripted the 15 plays coaches wanted to see when the scrimmage started, no matter the down or distance. Coaches will use those plays to determine plenty about the team and make decisions regarding personnel.

When the live quarter started, however, Wood said he put his script away.

“I called it like we were in a game,” he said, meaning his play selection was based on the down and how many yards was needed for a first down. “Those scripted 15 plays, we hit each one time.”

Fans saw junior quarterbacks Rhett Murray and Marcus Pimentel operate Wood’s offense. The coach complimented both players, noting they each showed why they’re battling to be the starter. And he said coaches are still looking for more from each.

“They both did some really good things,” Wood said. “They’re both making some of the same mistakes. They better keep competing.”

The six dropped passes weren’t the fault of the quarterbacks, Wood said, noting that receivers are still getting used to the velocity of how the two are throwing. Wood pointed out the quarterbacks made the right decision on where to go with the football, which illustrates a clear understanding of the play.

“We dropped six balls that hit them square in the hands,” he said. “It wasn’t like they were overthrows or underthrows six times. It takes time.”

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs showed once more why Ben Speer is the right defensive coordinator for them. The Bulldogs love playing his brand of defense: hard nosed, stingy and tough. Burnet didn’t make many mistakes defensively and when it did, they showed they could quickly recover. Wood said he was pleased to see this unit continue to thrive under Speer’s guidance.

“Our defense is ahead of our offense,” he said. “Defensively, we’re getting to the ball. I think we’re really getting to the ball well.”

One trait the players didn’t have was being wide-eyed by the environment and the spotlight of the Friday night lights.

“I don’t think anybody had the deer-in-the-headlights look,” Wood said. “We want our more inexperienced guys getting more confident with whatever they have in front of them.”

Overall, Wood said it was great way to start the scrimmage season as the Bulldogs move closer to the 2023 season opener.

“There’s a confidence. It felt different,” he said. “I think our guys are expecting better. I like how we finished. We got hit in the mouth early and could have panicked. But we didn’t.”

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