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Marble Falls graduate Berkman to play pro basketball

CAPTION: Former Liberty University and Marble Falls High School standout Mya Berkman will fulfill a lifelong dream of playing professional women’s basketball when she leaves for Greece Aug. 27. Photo courtesy of Liberty University Athletics

Marble Falls High School graduate Mya Berkman’s dream of playing professional basketball is coming true.

She is set to board a plane and fly to Athens, Greece Sunday, Aug. 27, to join the GAS Evnikos Women’s squad. The team is part of Greece A1 Women and Greece Cup Women leagues. Her contract is for eight months. The regular season concludes at the end of March and the playoffs run through the end of April.

“They played in two different divisions,” she said. “They moved up to No. 1. They were a really good division II. They were transitioning into division I. I’ve never been to Greece, never eaten any of the food. I love seafood. You get paid more between second and third years based on how you perform. The next contract should be a significant amount. It goes by a year-by-year basis.”

Berkman, who is a 2018 Marble Falls High graduate, spent the last five years playing for Liberty University, deciding to use the Covid-19 year to earn a Masters of Business Administration. She earned bachelors and masters degrees in accounting, all done in the five years she played for Liberty University.

“After the season I had different agents reach out,” she said. “I talked to my parents and coaches and asked if they heard of any of the agents. We narrowed it down to two.”

Her parents, John and Lauren Berkman, also spoke to the agents and other people with their daughter.

Liberty coach Katie Feenstra-Mattera had a personal connection to one of the agents. Her best friend hired him, so that’s the one Berkman chose.

“He had some offers for me, and Greece seemed like a great fit,” the former Lady Mustang said. “(Coaches) told me how (they were) going to play me.”

Coaches want an up-tempo pace, however, if the team doesn’t score quickly, players are instructed to run set pieces.

“I was going to be the main focus,” she said. “If they double team me, I’ll kick it out. It was a great fit. Everyone always says great things about Greece. It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the WNBA. Overseas is a great option.”

While she has been living at home, she has worked out with Calvin Richard, owner of Verus and Strength and Fitness, and her dad, the head coach of the Lady Mustangs.

“(Richard) invited me on one of my first days back,” she said. “I go there every morning. They do a really good job. They were quick to make sure I was doing the hard version. I go to (Marble Falls High School’s Max Copeland) Gym anytime I want. My dad has the keys to the gym.”

Berkman turned an internship in 2022 into a job. She is a forensic accountant for 4C Digital Health after meeting a company representative at a business gathering she attended because of an invitation from Liberty University women’s basketball head coach Carey Jay Green. At the time, 4C Digital Health never had an intern before Berkman.

“We make sure health insurance companies are charging the right amount to clients,” she said. “(Insurance companies) find creative ways to overcharge, and people don’t know the fees behind it. We go back and look at that. We look at the numbers and try to find out what’s wrong with them. I love my job. They’re super great people.”

When she arrives in Greece, she’ll have a two-bedroom apartment to herself.

“I’m super excited and a little scared to go to a foreign country,” she said. “I’m still super excited. Technology makes it easy to stay connected. I play on Sundays.”

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